How to Read The Google Chrome Cookies File on a Mac

I ran into a situation today where I needed to export the cookie data from my Chrome browser on a Mac. In other browsers, cookies are typically saved either in a human readable format like XML or plain text or in a series of files, one per cookie. Chrome, however, uses SQLLite to store […]

My HTC Hero for Sprint Phone Sucks Less

I am impressed with the new Market. But the phone makes my hand look HUGE.

You may recall an angry diatribe from a few weeks ago when I had just about had it with my HTC Hero from Sprint. It seemed both HTC and Sprint were coming out with great new Android phones […]

My HTC Hero for Sprint Phone Sucks

My wife and I switched cellphone plans and bought HTC Heroes back in November with the explicit promise straight from Sprint that, yes, Android would be upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6 or better within just a couple of months. Eventually, news came out that HTC would be skipping 1.6 and jump all the way […]

HipHop: Transform Your PHP Into C++

This is a VERY interesting post from the Facebook Engineering team. Tonight, they’ll be releasing a project they call HipHop to the open source community. HipHop generates semantically compatible C++ from PHP code and compiles it to machine code using the g++ compiler. This results is significantly faster and more efficient code running on […]

Tracking and Protecting Web-Based Downloads (In PHP)

There’s a consistent need to either protect a file from being downloaded unless a user has been properly authorized/authenticated to access it or to track those files using a JavaScript tracking system like Google Analytics. I ran into this issue a few years ago and came up with what I thought was an elegant […]

American Sign Language and User Interfaces

I’ve recently become intrigued by the concept of “Baby Sign Language” and the idea that my 10-month-old son, who’s not quite yet up to walking, may be able to communicate with me using his hands. To explore this, I sat down with a baby signing book that described pictorially many of the signs that […]

How To Program Like Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If you work with software long enough, especially open source software, you’ll find yourself saying the words, “This is great, but it would be INCREDIBLE if it could…” If you work with closed source software – that is, software that you’re not allowed to […]

Download: Widgetized PHPList Integration Plugin for WordPress

Can you guess that I’m working on a WordPress-driven site? I launched Get Out Bay Area quietly last week and have been slowly adding more functionality to it. One of the big pieces is a newsletter component, which I’ll be using PHPList to run. Jesse Heap took the time to write a plugin that […]

Download: Rob Z’s Widgetized WordPress Google Calendar

First off, I did NOT write the bulk of this code – the bulk of it was written by Justin Bennett and the original can be found on his site. I take no responsibility or credit for the original code, only for my modifications. Having said that, the original version totally kicks butt.

The […]

The Importance of Following Code Conventions

I’ve found one of the trickiest issues in working with other people’s code is trying to decipher the way they do things programmatically. You can learn an awful lot about how a programmer thinks by reading their code. All too often, the first thing I learn is that they’re wildly disorganized.

Freelancers are frequently […]