Developer Relations in The Time of Covid-19

By this time each year, my fellow developer advocates and evangelists are usually knee-deep in planning for the coming onslaught of fall tech conferences. In the same way Black Friday often brings the retail sector back to profitability, conference season is when we typically see our air and hotel miles really rack up. Covid-19 and the lockdowns it caused have changed everything.

I’ve checked in with a few of my developer relations peers recently – they’re struggling. If we can’t get out and actually work directly with developers at hackathons, technical events, meetups, and our other favorite face-to-face activities, how can we adequately do our jobs? Devrel, after all, is about engaging developers, building communities, and meeting our peers where they are to bring them personalized value when we can.

It’s unlikely we’ll go back to “normal” any time soon – we’ll feel the reverberations of these travel bans and the specter of infection resurgence for months, possibly years. How can your developer relations program possibly survive this? …