Rob Z. Is Going to SXSW!

The Austin Convention Center / SXSW by Amy Price

I will be here. I can not wait. You will come with me.

The totally awesome company I work for (who you should TOTALLY partner with to resell email marketing to your small business customers) is sending me back to Austin for a second year at the SXSW festival. I’ll be boots on the ground starting the afternoon of March 12 and dragging my tired butt back home on March 17th. During this time, I fully intend to see and experience some seriously cool geekiness, just like last year.

Unlike last year, though, I’ll be bringing the geekiness to you LIVE. Last year, I sort of just flitted through everything all starry-eyed and wild. This year, I’ve got my phone, Flip and digital audio recorder all charged up and ready to capture all that I encounter. If you can’t make it to SXSW and would like to live vicariously through me, or if have no idea what SXSW is, you should do the following:

  • Keep an eye on this blog. I’ll be posting periodically with some of the cooler stuff I see, plus following up with a more long-form discussion.
  • Follow me on Twitter (you *really* should be doing this anyway). I’ll be snapping pics, making insightful/snarky comments and generally letting my geek flag fly.
  • “Like” the TechKnowMe Facebook page. You can track updates to this site there and get even more general snarkiness.

Hey, are you heading to Austin? Booya! Let’s hookup. My number is 925-609-4335. Call or text me and let’s see if we can’t connect. I would love to see your smiling face in person!

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