Career Changes and Such

Been quiet here lately. Too quiet. I’m hoping to fix that.

In September, I was presented an opportunity to begin working for a company for which I have a great deal of respect in a position that was ideally suited to my unique set of skills as both a programmer and a strategist. In October, I began working full time for VerticalResponse as their Partner Integration Manager. I support the Partner API, which represents an incredible revenue opportunity to those offering software as a service who are looking quickly and easily add email marketing services to their mix of offerings.

This is the first job I’ve had where programming was not one of my chief duties, though I’m still producing a lot of code for testing, support and proof-of-concept purposes. This has freed me up a bit to explore some other topics of programming in my spare time – specifically, programming for my new HTC Hero with Google Android. I’m also being tasked with creating a developer community around our API, which is, perhaps, the one opportunity that has me the most excited about this big change.

My goal here is to continue writing about programming and web development topics as I see fit, as well as discuss some of my experiences facing the challenges of my new position. I hope you’ll stick with me through the ride and let me know what you’d like to talk about. I’m also working on a couple of WordPress plugins that I hope to release soon that I will continue supporting here. If you’re not already subscribing to this blog via email, Twitter or RSS, why not start now?

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