Download: Widgetized PHPList Integration Plugin for WordPress

Can you guess that I’m working on a WordPress-driven site? I launched Get Out Bay Area quietly last week and have been slowly adding more functionality to it. One of the big pieces is a newsletter component, which I’ll be using PHPList to run. Jesse Heap took the time to write a plugin that integrates PHPList with WordPress and damned if it didn’t work great out of the box. The only thing missing was the ability to add it as a widget. So, riding on the success of widgetizing the Google Calendar Parser, I decided to widgetize this bad boy. So, here it is:

Download the Widgetized PHPList Integration Plugin

I take no credit or responsibility for the original – all I did was add the widget part. Thanks again to Jesse Heap for the original – it was exactly what I needed.

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  • […] And the best part is I didn’t have to do any work to add this feature! Credit goes to Rob Z at Web Geek Blog for widgetizing the plugin. […]

  • Andrew Wimmer

    Thanks for widgetizing this great plugin. When I installed it in WP 2.8, however, it reported that the plugin doesn’t have a valid header. I haven’t opened it up to take a look yet. Have you tried it out in 2.8?

  • I did test it on 2.8, but it was an upgrade. I haven’t tried on a fresh install of 2.8. In what part of the process are you getting the error and what is the exact error you’re getting?

  • Hello, Rob.

    Everything shows up the way it should. It even submits the data and returns success. However, when I go to the PHP List admin console and search for that name, or the email address, I find no matches.

    I’m using WordPress 2.8 and PHP List 2.10.8 (2.10.10 has a buggy editor control, and so I haven’t upgraded).

    Any ideas what might be going wrong?

  • P.S. If I know where to look in the code for bugs, I might even be able to fix it myself, and then submit my patches to both yourself and Jesse Heap.


  • Well, the meat of this thing in regards to subscribing starts at about line 87 with the function “phplist_subscribe()”. At line 153, you see where it submits the new user using cURL. What I might try first is to uncomment line 167 and see what the result is that you’re getting after the submit is made. The error checking on that part really isn’t the best, but considering there’s no real PHPList API to speak of, I think Jesse did a pretty admirable job working with what he had.

    Do let me know if you figure this out – I;d definitely like to make this more robust. And, heck, if Jesse doesn’t want to continue to maintain it, I’d be happy to take it over. So long as I get other coders like you to pitch in from time to time 😉

  • Also – I’m using 2.10.10 (haven’t experienced the buggy editor yet, though) so I wonder if that does have anything to do with it. Still, try uncommenting line 167 and see if anything pops up there.

  • Dave

    You rule! I tried your widget version, and it’s working perfectly for me in 2.8.1.

    I had seen a number of plugins trying to handle newsletters and email lists completely from WP, but I figured why not just try this and save the conversion hassle.

    I see that the plugin is now offering to update itself, but I’m guessing that Jesse may have simply grabbed your code, so the update might be redundant. If you’d like to chime in on that, feel free.

    Great job and Thanks!

  • Dan Illouz

    This is really great. I must say that support on the other side is not so regular as Jesse said he is very busy (obviously understandable, but annoying for us hehe)…

    now, if i can find someone to help me install, I’ll be a happy dude haha.

  • liz

    hey guys,

    i have used this for our main site with phplist and wordpress using the same database, and it’s perfect!

    is it possible to additionally put this widget on another wordpress site that DOES NOT share the same database with phplist?



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